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District 5 Connect

Through strategic partnerships we are spearheading a critical effort to advance sustainable strategies for all ethnic groups that will help improve the infrastructure of District 5 small to medium sized community-based organizations/service providers. 


To build sustainable positive transformation for marginalized community-based organizations



To develop a vehicle that supports the ongoing capacity-building of these organizations

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The Bay Area Empowerment Committee (BAEC)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, VC spearheaded and convened the Bay Area Empowerment Committee (BAEC), a coalition of community-based organizations, mental health providers, associations, and community members to serve as a centralized source of trusted information, resources, and support for the Black community to mitigate economic, physical, and mental harm.


BAEC members pledged to continue beyond the pandemic to meet the evolving needs of the community.


Race & Reconciliation Project

The mission of RRP is to create a more equitable world through transformative education and dialogue that connects individuals with the strength and clarity they need to confront hypocrisy, create positive culture, and live purposeful lives.


Our workshops, training, coaching, and consulting are based on Culture-Based Transformative Coaching (CBTC), a methodology developed by Gaylon Logan that emphasizes personal discovery and cultural examination as foundations for institutional change.


Our offerings include Free Yourself First: A Journey of Healing and Action for White Folks and Listening and Healing Sessions.


To be notified of our upcoming events, join our interest list here. For inquiries, please email us at

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