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Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

The Bay Area Empowerment Committee (BAEC)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, VC spearheaded and convened the BAEC, a coalition of community-based organizations, mental health providers, associations, and community members to serve as a centralized source of trusted information, resources, and support for the community to mitigate economic, physical, and mental harm.

About BAEC

The purposes of the BAEC include:

information service;

coalition building; community organizing;

economic development; and

increasing household financial security.


Offerings: Virtual town hall series and online media..... culturally relevant.


Whats next?


BAEC has high ambitions to broaden its base of support—and membership—to greater effect. Struggling parents in the Bay Area can find relief in Village-Connect’s Parent and Caretaker support groups. Those in need of stress relief can find their breath through healing sessions offered by Anchored In Spirit. Business owners can restructure with cooperative strategies learned through the Think Outside the Boss workshop series, facilitated in partnership with the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Training, sessions, workshops, and support groups are being held virtually until further notice to ensure broader community accessibility while advocating for public health.

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