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Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

Race & Reconciliation Project (RRP)

The mission of RRP is to create a more equitable world through transformative education and dialogue that connects individuals with the strength and clarity they need to confront hypocrisy, create positive culture, and live purposeful lives.

About RRP

Our offerings include Free Yourself First: A Journey of Healing and Action for White Folks and Listening and Healing Sessions.


To be notified of our upcoming events, join our interest list here. For inquiries, please email us at


Free Yourself First (FYF)

Free Yourself First is a three-week intensive for white people who are ready to awaken and engage in ending racism. This is an opportunity for white folks to liberate their hearts and minds so they can work with wholehearted intention and clarity for the liberation of all people.


Free Yourself First is justice work with a solid spiritual foundation. Connecting with ourselves, each other, and racism on a deeper level, we’ll pursue personal growth and development to open our eyes to the patterns we’ve inherited from our ancestors and society. We believe that the only way to make real change is to reach people’s hearts.

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