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Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

Our Events

Stay in the loop with the latest VC events. Every month there is something new for everyone to be a part of.



THE BROTHAS! Provides gender-focused peer support groups that engage boys, men, and those formerly incarcerated. This virtual support system fosters healing and promotes strengthening family and community.

Free Yourself First (FYF)

Free Yourself First (FYF) a project of RRP, is a three-week intensive for white people who are ready to awaken and engage in ending racism. This is an opportunity for white folks to liberate their hearts and minds so they can work with wholehearted intention and clarity for the liberation of all people.


Free Yourself First is justice work with a solid spiritual foundation. Connecting with ourselves, each other, and racism on a deeper level, we’ll pursue personal growth and development to open our eyes to the patterns we’ve inherited from our ancestors and society. We believe that the only way to make real change is to reach people’s hearts.


Virtual African American Town-Hall Series

The Virtual African American Town Hall series arose in 2020 with the collective agreement that vital information was not getting to people regarding the (COVID-19) crisis and that people were facing real financial struggles.

The town hall gives members a platform to engage in conversation with trusted community professionals and experts.

Fathering From Within and Co-Parenting From Within

Fathering From Within is designed to empower fathers from the inside out.


Co-parenting after a separation is never easy. However if you and your former partner can coparent amicably you will give your kids the confidence and stability they need to succeed in life.

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