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Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

Our Services

VC is rooted in developing and growing self-awareness and building cultural and communal bridges that awaken and animate the individual, group, family, or community’s higher self throughout services.


Culture Based Transformative Coaching ® CBTC

CBTC is our founding technique for self-reflection and the core of VC. CBTC is a strength-based coaching model that maximizes personal, professional, and academic potential. We employ a process that ultimately transforms culture.


The model is based on the idea that self-knowledge and self-love are essential to affect growth and change within ourselves, family, and community.


Coaches & Facilitators trained in the CBTC model help individuals, organizations, families, and communities meet life’s opportunities and challenges by providing guidance from an inside/out perspective rather than an outside/in.

School and Family Enrichment Program (SFEP)

SFEP Provides culturally relevant support to school districts seeking to establish a greater partnership with home and community. Working with school personnel, students, families, and community, we collectively create and develop a school culture that garners inclusive and affirmative results. 

This is a monumental challenge where our primary tools are taken from our transformative coaching model CBTC, which equips our children with effective tools that place a premium on seeking and cultivating personal purpose and direction.  Through mentorship and after school tutoring children and youth employ winning processes that regulate their health, relationships, wealth, and spirituality.


Community Impact Program (CIP)

CIP represents a self-reliant fellowship of men, women, and youth coming together for the purpose of healing and self-development through interactive processes, networking, and education. Subsequently providing leadership and excellence that ignites and transforms community.


The Family Unit is the first place of education and cultural development for all children. This foundation instills a sense of “Who am I? Who do I belong to? What are my core values? “What principles guide my behavior?”


Understanding Answers to these questions set the stage for success in a society that has historically failed to address the unique cultural and socio-economic needs of African Americans.

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