Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families


THE BROTHAS! is a community-based initiative from VC, under the East Oakland Ready for School Project (EORSP), a collaborative whose goal is to build a neighborhood network that includes nonprofits, community members, and other organizations in East Oakland. EORSP aims to cooperate with the community to establish a shared vision of easy access to improved education outcomes, especially for African American families.


THE BROTHAS! provides gender-focused peer support groups that engage boys, men, and those formerly incarcerated. This virtual support system fosters healing and promotes strengthening family and community.


The family unit is the first place of education and cultural development for all children. This foundation instills a sense of “Who am I? Who do I belong to? What are my core values? “What principles guide my behavior?”


Understanding answers to these questions set the stage for success in an educational system that has historically failed to address the unique cultural and socio-economic needs of young boys of color.


Family mental health and well-being

Family relationships

Academic advancement

Social-emotional enhancement


Empowerment Groups for fathers,men, boys, and families viirtual peer networking and education groups that meet for healing, self-development, mutual aid, and community building.


Topics include personal finance, parenting, coping skills, and advocacy skills. The shared leadership and experiences creates community cohesion. The emotional support and tangible resources help people move beyond personal barriers to improve their lives.


Are you ready to challenge, re-think, and re-tool the beliefs that may not be producing the results that benefit you, your family, and your community?