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Happy Family
Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

Community Impact Program (CIP)

CIP represents a self-reliant fellowship of men, women, and youth coming together for the purpose of healing and self-development through interactive processes, networking, and education. Subsequently providing leadership and excellence that ignites and transforms community.

About PFAP

Our goals with PFAP are  to Facilitate and sponsor regular empowerment gatherings, workshops, and training that will promote individual/family/ community social-emotional learning (SEL), trauma informed care, financial education, leadership, and education.

We Empower Children, Youth, and Their Families by:

  • Building and maintaining an educational advocacy network for families of children attending schools within the PFAP network.

  • Strengthening families by providing consistent engagement, involvement, and resources.

  • Developing leadership and advocacy thru our PFAP Youth Intern Project

  • Family Empowerment Gatherings, Workshops & Outings

  • Intergenerational, Gender-Focused Process & Support Groups

  • Individual & Family Counseling & Transformative Coaching

  • Financial Management and Entrepreneurship Training

  • Collaboration and Networking with local service providers 

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