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Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

School and Family Enrichment Program (SFEP)

SFEP Provides culturally relevant support to school districts seeking to establish a greater partnership with home and community. Working with school personnel, students, families, and community, we collectively create and develop a school culture that garners inclusive and affirmative results. 

About SFEP

SFEP provides culturally relevant support to schools that seek stronger relationships with students, families, and community.


Our programmatic aim is to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. To that end, VC works with stakeholders to develop an inclusive and affirmative school culture that improves academic and social outcomes for students through the following projects:


• School Site Cultural Enrichment (SSCE)

• African American EMPOWER Project (AAEP)

• Academic Tutoring/CBTC Coaching


School Site Cultural Enrichment (SSCE) Partnering with school personnel, students, families, and community advocates, VC facilitates a culturally congruent process to collectively design and build a school culture that garners inclusive and affirmative results.

African-American EMPOWER Project (AAEP): 

Targeting students most at-risk of becoming statistics we employ a comprehensive approach that addresses the cultural dis-connect between home/community and school.Special emphasis is placed on trauma-informed care, and social-emotional learning (SEL), and self-esteem.

Academic Tutoring/CBTC Coaching Project

Fosters future orientation and academic success by providing assistance with school homework, focusing on family learning through parent involvement, and building self-awareness and mindfulness skills.



“The main goal that I hope to reach with the Village family is that we would become strong people… Not just for themselves, but for their families and for their children. That’s my goal. I should be able to see that change.”

- Celeste Johnson, a lead family advocate at VC and girls group facilitator at Hillside Elementary School.

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