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From With-in Series

The From With-in Series aims to assist in building strong and resilient families by aiding parents in establishing a constructive relationship with their children. It comprises two principal workshops - Fathering from With-in and Co-Parenting from With-in that delve into deep self-examination, auditing the effect of inter-generational trauma and the techniques to heal and enhance the bond between parents and their children.

From With-in Series

Co-parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. When we approach it with mindfulness and intention, we can create a co-parenting dynamic that is grounded in our individual life purposes, informed by guiding principles, and free from the patterns of intergenerational trauma that may have impacted our families. In this workshop, we will work together to explore
these topics and create an action plan for co-parenting that aligns with our values, supports our children's well-being, and helps us thrive as co-parenting partners.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively with their co-parenting partners.

  • Create a co-parenting dynamic that reflects their life purpose and guiding principles.

  • Break cycles of intergenerational trauma in their families.

  • Develop a personalized co-parenting action plan that aligns with their values and goals.

From With-in Series

This is a series designed to empower all fathers and help navigate relationships and social norms that may hinder effective parenting. It will also offer personal tools that define or redefine one’s sense of identity and purpose, and establish guiding principles for fatherhood. Participants will learn that everything we need to know about being a great dad is, and always has been, inside us. All we have to do is find it, share with our children, and make their future bright and promising.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Define or redefine one’s sense of identity and purpose.

  • Establish guiding principles for fatherhood that will help you navigate relationships for more effective parenting.

  • Learn that everything we need to know about being a great dad has always been inside us.

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Curriculum Goals

  • Gain a basic understanding of the cooperative form from a functional and principled perspective

  • Understand the cooperative principles in practice

  • Distinguish cooperatives from other business forms

  • Articulate and exercise interdependent thinking, speaking, and behavior


The program operates for 8-weeks starting off with an introductory orientation with your program directors and fellow cohort members, which will then continue every Saturday for developmental incubation sessions.


Economic uncertainty historically has caused people to come together to form alliances for the benefit of a group. RBWS is needed to help communities become self-sustaining through education of applicable skills. 

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Program Resources

For current and future participants, these are materials to supplement your learning and growth.

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