Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

Our Mission

To build the capacity of people to become more self-aware and self-directed resulting in sustainable positive transformation for all.

Our Vision

A mindset exists within our community whereby self empowerment and self love evolves into optimal community health, and a culture of sharing.

Our programs, services, and initiatives are aimed at developing this mindset, to improve the lives of not only the individual, but their families, and their communities.

Our Team

Our values and our mission are supported everyday by the great individuals that make up the staff and board of Village Connect.

VC- Gaylon.jpg

Gaylon Logan Jr.

Founder & Executive Director

"The Village represents a harmonious interdependence of mind, body, spirit, and community"


Gary Blodger

Outreach Specialist

"The village, to me,  means a culturally appreciated space where learning and personal growth and development take place; with reverence of tradition and heritage supported upon a foundation of love and respect."

Vc-Kwajo Opoku Ware.jpg

Kwajo Opoku Ware

Newsletter Editor & Facilitator

“Village” describes what the hood ought to be in the future to me.

VC-Michael Tarktington.jpeg

Micheal Tarkington 

Youth Coordinator

"The Village represents a community that is taking action in a variety of ways to improve the quality of life for all."

VC-Jeremy Harris.jpeg

Jeremy "Remy" Harris-Herron Sr.

Youth Coordinator & Facilitator

"The Village Represents the Community of Self."

VC- Sharon.jpg

Sharon Villa

Board President

"The Village represents chances, change, and growth"


Satpal Thiara

Board Treasurer

"The Village represents peace and love for the individual, group, and family."

VC- Reshonda.jpg

Reshonda Williams

Operations / CBTC

"The Village represents something bigger than you or me, it's a dedication to move from ME to WE!"

VC- Pamela.jpg

Pamela Mchombo

Outreach Specialist & Facilitator

"The village represents to me, “A one-stop-shop and viable cultural hub for and about Black and Brown people to access relevant resources and services"

VC- Wanda.jpg

Wanda Whitaker 

Programming / Outreach Manager

A “village” is a small community of inhabitants with complementary values and morals that build a supportive foundation for the sustainability and wellbeing of all, now and future generations.

VC-Katharyn Anderson.jpeg

Katharyn Anderson

Youth Coordinator & Facilitator

"The Village represents UNITY to me"


Dr. Connie Bridgforth

Board Secretary

"The Village Represents Community"

VcC- Anylas Intern.jpeg

Anyla Blodger

Village Connect Intern

Village to me is a group, a community, and a family. We are constantly working to build one another up and help each other strive to be the best versions of ourselves.


Tristan Quarrie

Village Connect Intern

Village to me represents a community of people who work to build each other up, assisting each other,  and help one another. 

Our Beliefs

We believe change occurs on three levels: consciousness, behavior, and structure.

Our programs, services, and initiatives are rooted in a belief that within every person there exists a "higher self" that innately seeks to improve and expand one's life circumstance.

Once this "higher self" has been awakened, being connected with an association of like-minded individuals and groups become optimal to sustaining growth & development.

VC- mindfulness.png


Mindful Meditation & Grounding of Self

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Sharing the Human Experience


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Understanding & Managing Life Energy


Cultural Brokers

Shifting Cultural Reality

Our Partners

We collaborate with various organizations, school districts, and companies to help achieve our goal of long-term sustainable transformative change for all.