Creating transformative change for individuals, groups, and families

Our Mission

To build the capacity of people to become more self-aware and self-directed resulting in sustainable positive transformation for all.

Our Programs

We employ a community-based interdisciplinary approach to effectively transform the individual, family, and community. Our programs and events utilize cultural-based coaching to bring about personal and communal transformation.

CBTC and it’s tenets drive all of Village Connect’s engagement and program activity.


SESP provides support to school districts seeking to establish a partnership with hard-to-reach students and their families.

PFAP is a support network model of men, women, and youth committed to transformative advocacy.

Our Beliefs

We believe change occurs on three levels: consciousness, behavior, and structure.

Our programs, services, and initiatives are rooted in a belief that within every person there exists a "higher self" that innately seeks to improve and expand one's life circumstance.

Once this "higher self" has been awakened, being connected with an association of like-minded individuals and groups become optimal to sustaining growth & development.

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Mindful Meditation & Grounding of Self

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Sharing the Human Experience

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Understanding & Managing Life Energy

Cultural Brokers

Shifting Cultural Reality

About Us

We are located in San Leandro CA, & serve the greater S.F. bay area. Since 2009, we have focused on creating sustainable positive transformations to improve the lives of individuals, their families, and the communities they call home.

Our Partners

We collaborate with various organizations, school districts, and companies to help achieve our goal of long-term sustainable transformative change.